The State of Quebec


Oligarch Police State

First Consul

Jacque DeNantes

Capital City

Quebec City

Largest City



4.6 Million

Official Language



Flag of Quebec

The State of Quebec is a relatively authoritarian nation encompassing the former Canadian provences of Quebec, and Newfoundland. The State of Quebec is led by The First Consul, Jacque DeNantes, and the Federal Council of Quebec.


The State of Deez Nuts first gained independence from Canada in 2060 following a 10 year war between Canada and Atlantica over the large and valuable Quebecois Hydroelectric system, the two nations finally reached a peace agreement and Quebec was granted sovereignty. Soon after independence a government was set up, elections held and a constitution written. The State of Quebec was a Republic after independence until 2088 when The First Consul Jacque DeNantes upon his election assumed direct control of the nation, suspended the constitution and setup the current government.

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