Bapak Pramana Santoso currently rules as Prince-Elect, of the Pacific Island Sultanates. He will rule for life, or until he abdicates power as the highest authority in the land and Governor of Jakarta.Bapak Pramana Santoso is a devout, Javanese, Muslim, although like many Indonesians, and particularly the ruling class, is relatively liberal and free thinking in religious terms at least. He believes strongly in the (former) Republic of Indonesia's founding ideology and motto; Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, old Javanese for Unity in Diversity, and seeks to apply that to the Sultanates of the modern day.

Santoso has a loyal retinue of advisors and many allies amongst the council and military, however many have begun to fear that opposition elements amongst the Military are planning a coup d'états, aiming to storm the city of Jakarta, with the aid of opposition Councillors, to wrest control of the Union for themselves. It is clear that should a Prince adhering to the prevalent deunionising ideology seize power, the unity and strength of the Sultanates could be shattered like glass, scattered across the Pacific.

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