Flag of Iberia

The United Socialist Republic of Iberia is a country situated in the Iberian Peninsula.


When the communist revolution swept over Iberia, it took many by surprise. At first, the communists were unified. However, many cracks began to show. Danilo Consuelo and Alberto Cruz led opposing sides. The Consuelo's were more powerful, and eventually exiled the Cruz's to South America. Danilo Consuelo was smarter then Cruz, as he knew that we could never "export" the revolution. No, we must build up Iberia first! The glorious and most benevolent former Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, is his role model! If only he could be more like Stalin! Many compared Alberto Cruz to Leon Trotsky, but most would agree that a dog is a better comparison.


Our dear leader, Comrade Danilo Consuelo, leads a system modeled after the Soviet system. In fact, there are 4 levels of government, although we are a unitary state. The first level, governed locally, is many small districts with popular elections to elect local leaders. Each district has a counsel of 5 members that lead it, carry out directives from higher up, and also elect the next level of government. The next level is the Revolutionary Parliament. Mostly a figurehead, they can be useful for guiding the smaller counsels.

The second highest level of government is the Grand Counsel. These councilmen are also the leading members of the Communist Party of Iberia. They elect El Presidente, who holds his position until he dies or resigns. However, he can be impeached by a unanimous vote of the 9 members of the grand counsel. El Presidente has many roles. Aside from being the leader of the country and the head of the armed forces, he is also the chairman of the Communist Party. He has nearly total power, although most of his power is divested into the bureaucracy.

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