Brazil NES Flag copy

The Flag of Brazil

The nation of Brazil, located in South America, has had a long history stretching back to independence from Portugal in 1822. After independence it became a Federal Republic and rapdily rose to prominence in the late 20th and early 21th centuries due to its large population and economy. Though faring better than some nations durng the rest of the 21th century during what the Brazilians call "The Great Collapse", it has suffered some problems of it's own. Most notably the seccesstion of Amazonia, and war with Pampasna.


Current SituationEdit

Tensions have been rising with some of Brazil's neighbors, espically with the Communist invasion of Peru, a staunch ally. On the economic side in 2102 Brazil supply of food and industry finally overtook minimum demand which has been a big boost to the economy.


Currently the government is a military dictatorship. The High Commander is the official head of government, and is the individual with the most power, though there is a Council of Generals that holds a good deal of power as well. There are additionally various ministries lead by ministers that are members of the Armed Forces, though many of the lower employees are civilians. The ministries have a very limited autonomous ability to act; most decisions must be approved by the Council of Generals or the High Commander.

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